YouTube is a Goldmine – News Korner

Yes it is.

With YouTube you can make money in minimum 5 different ways.

Most of the people are still using only 1. Most of the people are playing short term game on YouTube. They are running ads for leads/conversion. And what happens if suddenly YouTube ad policy started to act like facebook. Your ad account will get banned and you are out of business overnight.

So why not long term game plan?

Are you not committed enough to your business to play long term. Why not grow your own YouTube channel. You can get monetize with just 1000 subscribers and 4000hours watch time in 1 year. And you can keep making money from that 1 channel.

Not only 1 way but in minimum 5 different ways.

YouTube monetization.

YouTube will pay you publishing their ads on your video. On a average, they pay you 1dollar-15dollar per 1000 impression. So if you get 1000 view everyday on your whole channel, you will make 1dollar-15dollar per day without selling anything. The more and better videos you upload, the more revenue you make.

Affiliate marketing.

You can do affiliate marketing with your YouTube channel. You can upload review/Unboxing videos and put your affiliate link in your description. And your viewers will buy through your link and you will get paid. Also you can recommend any products to your audience in any video and make sales.

Own products selling.

You can promote your own products like courses/consulting/coaching etc in your YouTube videos. And people will buy from you.


YouTube has it’s own membership option for monetized channels. You can see the “join” button on May channels. So many of your viewers will become a member to get certain VIP across to your contents. And you can make recurring income from that.


YouTube has it’s own Superchat option for live videos and it’s own donation option for normal recorded videos. So you can ask your viewers to support you buy donating your channel.

Can you see?

You can create multiple income streams from just 1 YouTube channel. All you need to do is upload good videos and grow your channel with a constant ad budget. Growing a YouTube channel with YouTube ad is like a snowball effect. YouTube has a feature called “browsing effect”

So basically when you watch someone’s videos, YouTube will recommend you some more videos of that channel in your home screen. So when you run ads and people watch your video.

Afterwards YouTube will recommend more video’s from your channel to those people organically. So running ads not only boosts your ad video but also boosts your organic reach. And the best part is, if you stop your ads fot some reasons, you will still have your subscribers to watch your video’s as well your usual organic reach.

How many times an Artist will have to suffer? Stand up comedian “Munawar Faruqui’s upcoming shows are facing hitches, created by a huge group of people with help of Twitter”

Previously being in controversy on his statement in a show on Hindu deities to entertain people precisely which is the only work of an artist.

A mass of people got offended ,also in a show some among these people walked on the stage and confronted Munawar how their feelings got hurted.

To which Munawar simply and to an addition humbly but in a sarcastic way explained that they have misunderstood the context of his statement which Munawar had just conducted as a joke and his intentions were not to tender any particular community’s religious beliefs. And he also apologized in front of the audience if his joke offended anyone. But at the end he was jailed as some political personals were also included in these offended people.

Whatever the matter got cleared Munawar got freed and again started his work this time making his contents easily understandable and trying to put forward his contexts more clear .

Since then due to Covid 19 his shows hampered approximately for 1 and half years .

Whereas this young boy successfully carried out shows in some cities including Kolkata with houseful audiences.

Everything smelt good but then again for past 2-3 days a group of people are trying to bully and harass him by cheering up a trend on twitter with #gobackMunawar. By this trend they are trying to boycott his shows which are scheduled to be held in Mumbai and Gujrat among these people some are Hindu saints and politicians with good amount of followers who may get flared up and harm Munawar and the people going to watch his shows.

Screenshot taken from twitter
Munawar shared his reaction on this with the help of sequential videos on his Instagram story.

In these videos he may be clearly seen very much depressed and worried as the hashtag is pointing out fingers on his citizenship and even making his only career and passion of entertaining others to be paused.

Munawar again pleaded for the last time to stop propagation of this fake communal propaganda and not to spread hatred against him on the base of his previous mistakes for which he was already punished.

Launched Indian team new jersey for world cup – विश्व कप के लिए भारतीय टीम की नई जर्सी लॉन्च

हर वर्ष की तरह वर्षा भी क्रिकेट है भारतीय टीम की ने अपनी जर्सी के डिजाइन में तबदीली की हे जोकी देखने में बहुत खूबसूरत लग रही है हे नई जर्सी की डिजाइन और रंग।

भारतीय क्रिकेट टीम की आगमी टी 20 विश्व कप के लिए जर्सी बुधवार को जारी की गई।

यह ‘अरब चीयर्स’ जर्सी के बारे में दावा किया गया वह कि यह दर्शक को नजर में रखते हैं डिजाइन की गई हे भारतीय पुरुष, महिला और अंडर 19 टीमों के अधिकारी किट पर्योजक एम पी एल स्पोर्ट्स डावरा इस नई पोशक को जरी किया गया हे।

एम पी एल स्पोर्ट्स के अनुसर इंडियन क्रिकेट हिस्ट्री इन पेहली बार जब ऑडियंस की फीलिंग को पॉशक पर दर्शन गया वह जिसे एक यूनिक साउंड फ्लो के पैटर्न में देखा गया है।

बी सी सी आई के सौरभ गांगुली ने कहा की भारतीय क्रिकेट टीम के सिरफ इंडिया में ही नहीं बाल्की दुनिया भर में परशासक है।

उनके उत्सव और ऊर्जा का जश्न मनाने के लिए पोशक पर इसे देखने से बेहतर और कोई तारिका नहीं हो सकता था।

There are also shortcuts to type.

In android and iOS smartphones there are many tools. These are tools you can use for increase your typeing be fast. Which expression you must use, text and phones numbers. You can make short cut of all these must uses features. You take a responsible step.

If you can use iOS then go to your settings. Then click on general keybord and text replacement click on this option. You can see already preloaded OMW. You can type on your search in phone OMW. He expend from on my way.

You click on the right side (+) icon and then create a short cut according to your choice.

This short cut help you find phones numbers, email address and local information access for type in your search bar.

If you are using android smartphone in placing be different according keybord . Commonly this feature available in menu setting. Here you click on the languages and input. In the right upper side (+) tap on the plus icon. And in the first field type text, which features and app you make shortcut. In this field type your needs.

शामी ने अपना नया टैबलेट शामी पैड 5 बाजार में उतारा – Xiaomi launched its new tablet xiaomi Pad 5 in the market.

चीन की कंपनी शमी ने अपना नया टैबलेट ‘शमी पैड 5’ गुजरात दिनो यूरोप में लॉन्च कर दिया हे।

वहा ये टैबलेट की क़ीमत 994 यूरो कमो में 45 हज़ार रुपए राखी गई है।


अंदाज ही की जल्द ये हिंदुस्तान समत दीगर बाजारो में पेश किया जाएगा।

कंपनी की जानिब से जारी करदाह तफ़सीलियत के मुताबिक इस नए टैबलेट में 11 इंच की बड़ी एल सी डी स्क्रीन दी गई है।

जो 2560×1600 पिक्सल रेजोल्यूशन और 140 गीगा हर्ट्ज रिफ्रेश रेट से लेस हे।

ये 275 पी पी आई पिक्सेल डेंसिटी के साथ अति हे। का कंट्रास्ट अनुपात 1:1500 है। टैबलेट मी स्नैप ड्रैगन 840 प्रॉसेसर दिया गया हे।

जो उसकी कार्यकर्ता को बेहतर बनाना हे। साथ ही उसमे 4 जीबी रेम दी गई। ये भंडारण करते हैं मुतबादल में दस्त्यब होगा।

टैबलेट में पिचली जानी फ्लैश के साथ 13 मेगा पिक्सल कैमरा वह जबकी सेल्फी के लिए आगे हैं उसमें 5 मेगा पिक्सल का कैमरा मुजूद है।

क्या मैं फेस अनलॉक फीचर भी मोजुद हूं। साउंड्स के लिए इसमे 5 इनबिल्ट स्पीकर दिए गए हैं।

यह टैबलेट आने की उम्मीद दिख रही है वह जल्द हिंदुस्तान में क्यूकी शमी बहुत ज्यादा लोकप्रिय हो गया वह भारत बाजार में जब से उनसे बाजार में नई सुविधाओं वाले सबसे सस्ते स्मार्टफोन लाए।

What is PVC Aadhar Card? Know more about its security features, charges, duration.

Aadhaar PVC Card is the latest form of Aadhaar introduced by UIDAI. Other than being easy to carry and durable, the PVC-based Aadhaar Card has a digitally signed secure QR code with photograph and demographic details with multiple security features. It can be ordered online through or by using Aadhaar number, Virtual ID or Enrolment ID and paying a nominal charge of Rs. 50/-. Aadhaar PVC Card is delivered to the resident’s address by speed post.

Order Aadhaar PVC Card” is a new service launched by UIDAI which facilitates the Aadhaar holder to get their Aadhaar details printed on PVC card by paying nominal charges. Residents who do not have registered mobile number can also order using Non-Registered /Alternate Mobile Number.


What are the security features of “Aadhaar PVC Card”?

This card contains security features like:

  • Secure QR Code
  • Hologram
  • Micro text
  • Ghost image
  • Issue Date & Print Date
  • Guilloche Pattern
  • Embossed Aadhaar Logo

What are the charges to be paid for “Aadhaar PVC Card”?

Charges to be paid are Rs.50/- (Inclusive of GST & speed post charges).

How one can raise the request for “Aadhaar PVC Card”?

“Aadhaar PVC Card”” request can be raised by visiting the UIDAI Official Website or Resident Portal ( or using 12 digits Aadhaar Number (UID) or 16 digits Virtual Identification Number (VID) or 28 digits Enrollment ID. Request can be raised using registered or non-registered mobile number.

  • Registered Mobile Number, where OTP/TOTP will be received on Registered Mobile number.
  • Non-Registered /Alternate Mobile Number, where OTP will be received on Non-Registered/ Alternate Mobile number.

How to raise request using Registered Mobile Number?

Please Visit or Click on “Order Aadhaar PVC Card” Service. Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar Number (UID) or 28 digits Enrollment ID. Please note that, if your EID is still in process, you’ll be unable to place a request for card. Enter the security code Enter OTP received on registered mobile number. Click on the check box against “Terms and Conditions”. (Note: Click on hyper link to see details). Click on “Submit” Button to complete OTP verification. On next screen, preview of the Aadhaar details will appear for verification by resident before placing the order for reprint. Preview of the aadhaar is only available for authenticated section. Click on “Make payment”. You will be re-directed to Payment Gateway page with payment options as Credit/Debit Card, Net banking and UPI. After successful payment, receipt will get generated having digital signature which can be downloaded by resident in PDF format. Resident will also get the Service Request Number via SMS. Resident can track the status of SRN till dispatch of Aadhaar Card on Check Aadhaar Card Status. SMS containing AWB number will also be sent once dispatched from DoP. Resident can further track delivery status by visiting DoP website.

How to raise request using Non-Registered/Alternate Mobile Number?


Please Visit or Click on “Order Aadhaar PVC Card” Service. Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar Number (UID) or 28 digits Enrollment ID. Enter the security code Click on check box “If you do not have a registered mobile number, please check in the box”. Please enter Non-Registered / Alternate Mobile Number. Click on “Send OTP” Click on the check box against “Terms and Conditions”. (Note: Click on hyper link to see details). Click on “Submit” Button to complete OTP verification. No preview of the Aadhaar details will be available. Click on “Make payment”. You will be re-directed to Payment Gateway page with payment options as Credit/Debit Card, Net banking and UPI. After successful payment, receipt will get generated having digital signature which can be downloaded by resident in PDF format. Resident will also get the Service Request Number via SMS. Resident can track the status of SRN till dispatch of Aadhaar Card on Check Aadhaar Card Status. SMS containing AWB number will also be sent once dispatched from DoP. Resident can further track delivery status by visiting DoP website.

How many days will it take to receive “Aadhaar PVC Card” after creating successful request?

After receiving order for Aadhaar PVC Card from the resident UIDAI handovers printed Aadhaar Card to DoP within 5 working days (excluding the date of request). Aadhaar PVC Card is delivered to the residents at their registerd address in adhaar database using SPEED POST Service of India Post in line with Department of Posts delivery norms.


ऑनलाइन काम करते समय सेहत का रखे ध्यान – Take care of health while working online.

सुध बताते हैं कि ऑफिस या वर्क फ्रॉम होम के काम के दौरा लिया गया एक छोटा ब्रेक और वहा का महल आपकी मानसिक सेहत और नजरिए पर बहुत दूर दाल सकता है।

आए जाने कैसे?

हम अक्सर काम करते समय अपनी मानसिक सेहत को नजरंदज कर देते वह। जबकी कम के बीच कुछ मिनट का ब्रेक आपके साड़ी, दीमाग और ऊर्जा को रिचार्ज करने के झूठ जरुरी हे।

कार्यस्थल अगर बिखरा हो, तो इसे वतावरन आपकी ऊर्जा को खतम कर देता है। आपकी काम करने की चमन कम हो शक्ति वह, रचना तमक वा स्मागर सूच पार्किर्य अवरुद्ध हो शक्ति वह।

मगर साफ सूत्र वतवरन स्पस्तता, एक कागर्ता और उत्पादक बढ़ात हे। इस्के झूठ जरूरी हे की डेस्क वेवस्थित होना। कीताबेन, कागज़ात, फाइलें, आदि जिन्का आप अपयोग नहीं करते या जिन्की आपको जरूरी नहीं, उन्हे हटा दे

अपने आस पास ऐसे ही रखे, जो आपको पहले करें और खुशी दे, इसे पेंट, इंडोर प्लांट्स या सकारातक नोट्स। यह एक साधरण सी बात लगती है, लेकिन जब आप काम कर रहे हैं तो यह आपको एक वैरेशन मे रक्ता हे.

Motivational quotes, indoor plants

ऑफिस में आप चाहो कितना भी व्यस्त कुय ना हो, अपने मनसिक स्वस्थ के लेट ब्रेक लेना हर किसी के लाई इम्पोर्टेन्ट हे। बेहतर होगा की दिन में 2 बार 15 – 20 मिनट मौन में बैठे और ध्यान किया जे.ए.


एक बार में 15 – 20 मिनट बैठना मुश्किल लगता है, तो दिन भर में हर कुछ घंटों में 2 3 मिनट का छोटा ब्रेक ले। गतिविधो को भी शमील कर सकते में मुझे तोड़ दो।

खड़े ही जाए और अपनी बहो को खीचे। कुछ बार ओठे और बैठे। हां 2 मिनट के लिए बाहर जा सकते हैं ये अपने आप से कुछ सकारातमक वर्ड्स को रिपीट करे और अपने लाइफ में अच्छे पल के झूठ सोच का अभ्यास करे.

Stretch your arm’s

SRH Speedster Imran Malik Selected as Team India Net bowler for T20 world Cup.

A young raw pace bowler from Jammu and Kashmir, Umran malik made a huge impression on all with his pace bowling. In the 14th edition of IPL, Umran Malik bowled the fastest delivery of the season with the speed of 153 kmp against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. On his bowling Virat Kohli had to say that Umran needed to be looked after, to ensure India could get the best out of him.He bowled faster than the bowlers like Anrich Nortje and Lockie Ferguson who are also very fast bowler.

Umran Malik

At starting he was selected as the net bowler for SRH. Umran Malik made his place in Sunrisers Hyderabad in place of T Natrajan who was ruled out due to covid 19. This year he played 3 matches for SRH in which he took 2 wickets. Wickets might me less in comparison to matches but his talent impressed everyone and in the upcoming years he will be seen in Indian Team.

Due to the pace bowling, Umran Malik has been selected as a net practice bowler for team India for the T20 world Cup 2021. He belongs to Jammu and Kashmir and has played just one List A game. The 21-year-old had impressed Kohli enough to earn a call-up as a net bowler with the Indian team. India will be playing their first game of T20 World Cup against Pakistan on 24th October. His inclusion as a net practice bowler would help team India to face the fast bowlers of others team in World Cup.

Many positive tweets coming up for Umran Malik on Twitter. Commentator Harsha Bhogle tweeted- “Something about pace that has you on the edge of your seat. Umran malik isn’t just a tearaway. He looks a proper bowler and we need to look after him,” He further asked Irfan pathan-if there are such more cricketers in Jammu and Kashmir. To the question Irfan Pathan answered “So far, we’ve only managed to scratch the surface of J&K cricket. So much more talent to discover there!”

On his bowling, Former cricketer and Punjab Kings coach Wasim Jaffer reacted to his bowling by sharing a goosebump image of spiderman. In the 9th over against RCB he bowled at the speed of 147,151,152,153 kmp.

कैसे घुमती हे डिवाइस की स्क्रीन? – How to rotate device screen?

एक्सेलरो मीटर सेंसर के करन आपके डिवाइस की स्क्रीन रोटेट होती है।

यह सेंसर फोन, फिटनेस ट्रेनिंग मशीन, स्मार्ट वॉच और आदि गैजेट्स मैं उपयोग किया जटा वह। सेंसर से ऊपर डेटा के जरीये ही ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम सॉफ्टवेयर यह जान पता वह की यूजर ने डिवाइस किस दिशा में पादका हे।

डिवाइस की स्क्रीन सुरक्षित तारिक से उसी दिशा में मुझे घुमाएं हो जाति वह। एक्सेलरो मिटर चमताओ भेज रहा है चमताओ का अपयोग संवर्धित वास्तविकता। रियलिटी ऐप, गेम और जी पी एस तथा आदि नेविजेसनल टूल के साथ काम करने के झूठ भी किया जाता है।

आप अपने एंड्रॉइड या मैं फोन डिवाइस पर स्वच्छ रोटेशन सुविधा को नियांतरित कर सकते हैं। अगर डिवाइस को घुमते समय फोन की स्क्रीन नहीं चल रही है। सुनीचित करे की क्या इसकी ओरिएंटेशन लॉक सेटिंग्स बैंड तो नहीं।

एंड्रॉइड मॉडल पर क्विक सेटिंग बॉक्स खोलने के झूठ स्क्रीन से ऊपर से नीचे की और स्वाइप करें और ऑटो रोटेट विकल्प पर क्लिक करें।

याद स्क्रीन अभी भी नहीं घूमी वह, डिवाइस को फिर से शुरू करें। याद वह भी काम नहीं करता वह, सुनिचित करने के लिए वह करे की डिवाइस का सॉफ्टवेयर अपडेट वह या नहीं।

SMFWBEE-2021 result (09 Oct) is out now. Check your rank & download Merit list.

State Medical Faculty of West Bengal (here in after referred to as “The Faculty”) is an autonomous body constituted by the Government of West Bengal in terms of the provisions of the statutes of the Faculty in this respect. The Faculty is empowered with the authority to conduct Examination of various Para Medical Courses as per course curriculum approved by the State Government as also to award Diploma / Certificate to the successful candidates of the approved courses. The Faculty holds the status of an “Examining Authority” in respect of the approved courses.


SMFWBEE exam was held on 03 October 2021. Students are waiting their result and Rank. According to the state Medical Faculty West Bengal, the results will be published on 09 October.  Students who are eagerly waiting their rank can check their rank after 09 October from official website For furthermore details aboutcounselling and admission details please visit our site regularly.

The result and rank has been prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the exam. This year State Medical Faculty West Bengal was held both by offline and online mode. The tie braking and ranking methodology is given below.


Ranking Methodology and publication of Merit Lists:

Based  on  the  papers  (subjects)  appeared  in  the  SMFWBEE‐2021  followed  by  marks scored there of, Six separate Merit Rank Lists shall be published as per the following details:

A. Merit Rank List‐I: Combined [General+ST+SC+OBC(A)+OBC(B)] 
B. Merit Rank List‐II: Physically Handicapped  
C. Merit Rank List‐III: ST 
D. Merit Rank List‐IV: SC 
E. Merit Rank List‐V: OBC(A) 
F. Merit Rank List‐VI: OBC(B) 

a.Ranking of the said Merit List shall be done in the descending order of total marks scored in all the subjects as stated above. However, there  may be ties and as such tie‐

Breaking rule shall be applicable for them in determination of the merit rank. 

b. Separate  reserved  category  merit  lists  shall  also  be  published  for respective  category  of  students  e.g.  SC  Rank,  ST  Rank,  OBC‐A  Rank, OBC‐B Rank, PH Rank. 

c. This  said  list  shall  be  prepared  based  on  the  score  of  candidates  appeared  in  the  combined  paper  of  Physics  and  Chemistry  and  one paper in Biology.


Final Tie-breaking for Merit Lists:

After application of the Tie breaking Rules as applicable if there be still ties, the same 
will be broken by  the date of birth  (DOB) of the candidates, with the older candidate 
having preference over the younger one, if there be still ties in date of birth (DOB) then the candidate who got higher percentage of marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in  Higher  Secondary  Examination  or  equivalent  Examination,  would  be  considered  as  higher Rank in  the Merit List. This is applicable  for both the Combined and individual Merit list.

Mode of selection

(i) Selection of candidates will be made in accordance with marks obtained in Online Entrance Examination.

(ii) The Merit List of candidates will be tentatively available on 09.10.2021 at the above office of the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal as well as in the website of the
Faculty ( )

(iii) After selection or publication of Merit List or during admission if it is found on scrutiny that an applicant furnished wrong information in the Application Form, his/her
application for admission will be summarily rejected even though his/her name appears in the Merit List and also a seat allotted in the respective course.

(iv) Online Counseling will be made for admission in different Medical Colleges / Govt. Institutions / other Affiliated Institutions in respect of successful candidates from the
Merit List in order of Merit and their choice subject to availability of seats.


(v) A candidate allotted a seat after particular Online Counseling will have to deposit Rs.15000/- by ‘Net Banking’/ ‘Debit Card’/ ‘Credit Card’, (However in case of payment by ‘Debit Card’ amount payable is Rs. 15,000/- ONLY BY PAYMENT GATEWAY and the second installment of course fees, that is, Rs. 15,000/- to be notified. The mode of payment for 2nd installment of course fees shall be intimated
through Website of the Faculty. Further, the second installment of course fees be deposited after notified dates, late fees of Rs. 1000/- only is payable.


वाहनों की बिकरी हुई कम वही एस यू वी की हुई बंपर बुकिंग – Bumper booking of the same SUV done for the sale of vehicles.

सेमी कंडक्टर और चिप की आती है बड़ी होने के करण उत्पादन: काम होने वर्सो है साइटम्बर में वहानो की  बिकरी इस्के पिचले वार्स कि  समान अवधी के 1368,307  इकाई के मुकबले 5.27 पक्षपात कम होकरी 1296,257  इकाई राह गई हे। ऑटोमोबाइल डेलोरेस के संघ गुरुवरि जरी आकडो के अनुसर साइटम्बर 2020 देश के कुल 1368307 बिकरी हुई जो साइटम्बर 2021  मैं २५.७   पक्षपात घाट कारी 1296257  इकाई रेह गई वह।

आलोक अवधी में टिपहिया  की बिकरी में 50  फैसला का भारी उचचल आया हे। अवधी में दुपहिया है वाहनों की बिकरी में 11.54 पक्षपातपूर्ण जिरावत ऐ वह। यात्री वाहनो की बिकरी भी 2,00,576 इकाई से 16.32 पक्षपात बधकरी 2,33,308 इकाई हो गई वह।

  • दुपहिया की बिक्रकी की 12 परशीसत जिरावत।
  • 3 पहिया की बिकरी में आया 30  पक्षपातपूर्ण उचल।
  • यात्रियों की वहान में 16.32 की बिकरी में जीरावत।
  • चालू वित वर्स की पहली  मैं 35  पक्षपातपूर्ण बिकरी बड़ी।

XUV 700

XUV 700

महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा एम और एम ने बरसपति को कहा की उसे नई पेशकास एक्स यू वी 700 के लिए बुकिंग पार्किरया सुरु होने के केवल 57 मिनट में 25,000 वाहनों की बुकिंग हो गई। कंपनी के नए उत्पाद की  पहली 25,000 इकाइयो के लिए सुरुआती कीमातो की घोसरा की थी। इसके लिए यह 11.99 लाख रुपये से 22.89 लाख रुपये x शोरूम के बीच थी। नए मूल के साथो आगे दौर की बुकिंग अब 8 अक्टूबर को सुबेह 10 बजे खुल जाएगी। वाहन की किमत अब 12.49 लाख रुपये से 22.99 लाख रुपये के बीच राखी गई।

SMFWBEE-2021 exam is over. Find Best Courses & Best Participating Institutions for diploma.

State Medical Faculty of West Bengal (here in after referred to as “The Faculty”) is an autonomous body constituted by the Government of West Bengal in terms of the provisions of the statutes of the Faculty in this respect. The Faculty is empowered with the authority to conduct Examination of various Para Medical Courses as per course curriculum approved by the State Government as also to award Diploma / Certificate to the successful candidates of the approved courses. The Faculty holds the status of an “Examining Authority” in respect of the approved courses. The courses being offered by the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal are approved courses of the State Government and the Diplomas / Certificates being awarded by the Faculty are recognized by various States as well as Central authorities for the purpose of employment. For the academic year of 2021, the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal will conduct the Entrance Examination for admission to Para Medical Courses in different Medical Colleges/Govt. Institutions, Non-Govt. Affiliated Institutions.

The Courses being offered by the “Faculty” with duration are as follows:

1) Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology [Pathology, Microbiology & Biochemistry] : DMLT [ Tech] : 2 years 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.


2) Diploma in Radiography [ Diagnostic ] : DRD [ Tech ] : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.

3) Diploma in Physiotherapy : DPT : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.

4) Diploma in Radiotherapeutic Technology : DRT [ Tech ] : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post
examination training.

5) Diploma in Optometry with Ophthalmic Technique : D.OPT : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.

6) Diploma in Neuro Electro Physiology: DNEP: 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.

7) Diploma in Perfusion Technology: DPFT : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.

8) Diploma in Cath-Lab Technician : DCLT : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.

9) Diploma in Dialysis Technique : Dialysis Technician : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post
examination training.


10) Diploma in Critical Care Technology : DCCT : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.

11) Diploma In Operation Theatre Technology : DOTT : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post
examination training.

12) Diploma In Diabetes Care Technology : DDCT : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.

13) Diploma In Electrocardiographic Technique : ECG Technician : 2 years + 6 months (Six Months) compulsory post examination training.


1] Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research, 244, AJC Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700020.

2] Medical College, 88 College Street, Kolkata – 700073.

3] N.R.S.Medical College, 138 AJC Bose Road, Kolkata – 700014.

4] R.G.Kar Medical College, 1, Khudiram Bose Sarani, Kolkata – 700004.

5] Calcutta National Medical College, 32, Gorachand Road, Kolkata – 700014.


6] Bankura Sammilani Medical College, P.O – Kenduadihi, Bankura – 722102.

7] Burdwan Medical College, P.O : Rajbari, Baburbag, Purba Burdwan – 713104.

8] North Bengal Medical College, P.O – Sushruta Nagar, Darjeeling – 734432.

9] Midnapore Medical College, Paschim Medinipur – 721101.

10] Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, 88 College Street, Kolkata – 700073.

11] Bangur Institute of Neurosciences, 52/1A, Sambhunath Pandit Street, Kolkata-700 025

12] College Of Medicine & J.N.M Hospital, P.O: Kalyani, Distt: Nadia, PIN – 741 235

13] Malda Medical College & Hospital. English Bazar, Malda – 732 101.

14] Murshidabad Medical College & Hospital. Gora Bazar, Berhampore, Murshidabad – 742 101,

15] College of Medicine & Sagore Dutta Hospital. 578, B. T. Road, Kamarhati, Kolkata – 700 058

16] Diamond Harbour Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Harindanga, Diamond Harbour, Dist. 24-pgs.[S] – 743

17] Rampurhat Govt. Medical College, Rampurhat, Birbhum – 731 224.

18] Coochbehar Govt. Medical College & Hospital, P.S – Kotwali , Coochbehar – 736 101.


19] ID & BG Hospital , 57, Beliaghata Main Road, Kolkata – 700 010.

20] Raiganj Govt. Medical College, Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur, Pin: 733 134

21] Purulia Govt. Medical College & Hospital, HATUARA, Purulia, West Bengal, Pin: 733 134

22] Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, 37, Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700026.

23] Kolkata Port Trust Centenary Hospital, 1, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata – 700053.

24] ESI Hospital, Manicktala, 54, Bagmari Road, Kolkata – 700054.

25] ESI Hospital, Asansol, Kanyapur, [ Sen Raleigh Road ] Burdwan – 713 341.

26] ESI Hospital, Kamarhati Kolkata – 700 058.

27] ESI Hospital, Sealdah, 301/3, APC Road, Raja Bazar, Kolkata-700 009

28] KPC Medical College & Hospital, 1F, Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata,
West Bengal 700032.

29] Susrut Eye Foundation, HB-36-A/1, Sector-III, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700106.

30] Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre. 25/1, Kalikapur Road, Berhampore,
Murshidabad – 742 101.

31] Vivekananda Mission Asram, Viveknagar, Chaitanyapur, Haldia, Purba Medinipur – 721645.

32] Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences,124, Mukundapur, E M Bypass,Kolkata – 700099.


33] U S Institute of Medical Technology, Education & Research, 594, Jessore Road, Nagerbazer,
Kolkata – 700074.

34] Sevayatan School of Medical Technology, Ratanpur – II, Singur, Dist. Hooghly – 712409.

35] Sonoscan Educational Institute, B G Road, Makdumpur, Malda – 732103.

36] Islamia Hospital – Institute of Para Medical Studies, P-12, Darga Road, Kolkata – 700017.

37] Vivekananda Institute of Medical Science, Ramkrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan, 99, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata
– 700026.

38] Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute ( Formerly known as Cancer Centre Welfare Home & Research
Institute ) M G Road, Thakurpukur, Kolkata – 700063

39] Anandaloke Medical Centre Pvt Ltd, 2nd Mile, Sevoke Road, PO. Siliguri – 734 001

40] Desun Hospital & Heart Institute, 720, Anandapur, Desun More, Kolkata – 700 107

41] Institute of Child Health, 11, Dr. Biresh Guha Street, Kolkata – 700 017.
42] Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, 58, Canal Circular Road, Kolkata – 700 054.

43] Ashadeep Nursing Home & Diagnostic Centre PO & PS : Raghunathganj – 742 225 Dist. : Murshidabad
44] Medica Superspecialty Hospital. 127, Mukundapur, EM Bypass. Kolkata – 700 099

45] Burdwan Scan Centre Pvt Ltd. 7, R B Ghosh Road, Khoshbagan, Burdwan – 713 101

46] Peerless Hospitex Hospital & Research Centre. 360, Panchasayar, Kolkata – 700 094

47] The Calcutta Medical Research Institute, 7/2, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata – 700 027

48] Eye Care & Research Centre, Biplabi Niketan, 12A, Dr. Biresh Guha Street, Kolkata – 700 017

49] GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute, 139A, Lenin Sarani, Kolkata – 700 013.

50] Haldia Institute of Health Sciences, ICARE Complex, PO. Hatiberia, Haldia, Dist. Purba Medinipur – 721 657

51] B M Birla Heart Research Centre 1/1, National Library Avenue, Kolkata – 700 027.


52] Dishari Health Point Pvt Ltd. 19, B G Road, Mukdumpur, Malda – 732 103.

53] Fortis Hospital Ltd. 730, Anandapur, E M Bypass Road, Kolkata – 700 107.

54] Fortis Hospital & Kidney Institute, 111-A, Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata – 700 029.

55] HLG Memorial Hospital P.Ltd. Sen Raleigh Road, Asansol – 713 304

56] Netrajyoti Eye Hospital, 118/1, Mission Road, Ranaghat, Nadia- 741 201 W.B
57] Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital, 2nd Mile, Sevoke, Siliguri – 734 002

58] Vivekananda Mission Asram, Netra Niramay Niketan [ Extn.], Chandi [ Near Amtala ], PS.
Bishnupur, Dist. 24-Pgs. [S] – 743 503.

59] IQ City Medical College, Sovapur, Bijra Road, Jemua, B-Zone, Durgapur – 713 206.

60] Narayana Superspecialty Hospital, [Unit of Meridian Medical Research Hospital] 120/1, Andul Road,
Howrah – 711 103.

61] Suraksha Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd. DD-18/1, Sector – 1. Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 064.

62] Suraksha Diagnostic, Usha Plaza, 98, B.T. Road (Kaibartya Para ) Khardah, 24 Parganas(N),
Kolkata, West Bengal 700117

63] Bharat Sevashram Sangha Hospital, Diamond Harbour Road, P.O. Pailan Kolkata – 700 104.

64] Sri Ramkrishna Institute of Medical Sciences & Sanaka Hospital, Paschim Burdwan,
Durgapur – 713212.


65] Sharanya Multispeciality Hospital, NH 2, Bamchandaipur, Burdwan Pin – 703 104.

65] Sunayan advanced Eye Institute, Salgechia (near DM office),Tamluk, Purba Medinipur,
Pin – 721636, W.B.

67] Tata Medical Center, 14 Major Arterial Road (EW), New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata – 700 156.

68] Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, K.P. Mondal Road, Buita, Budge
Budge (South 24 Pgs.) Kolkata- 700 137.

69] Calcutta Heart Clinic & Hospital, 3, 1st Cross Road, Salt lake City, Sector III, HC Block, Kolkata-700106

70] ILS Hospital, DD-6, Salt Lake City (Near City Centre), Kolkata – 700064.

71] Neotia Getwell Healthcare, Inside Uttorayon Township, National Highway 31, behind City center, Matigara,
Siliguri, West Bengal 734010

72] Charnock Hospital, RGM-2103, Tegharia Major Arterial Road, Dhalipara, Tegharia, Newtown, Kolkata,
West Bengal 700157.

73] Desun Hospital & Heart Institute, Siliguri Medical College Road, Siliguri – 734 012


74] AMRI Hospital, Gariahat Road, Dhakuria, Kolkata – 700 020

75] Kothari Medical Centre, 8/3, Alipore Road, Alipore, Kolkata-700 027

76] Kasturi Das Memorial Super Speciality Hospital (Maheshtala), Santoshpur, Kolkata – 700 140

77] Ruby General Hospital, EM Bypass, Sector I, Kasba Golpark, Kolkata – 700 107

78] Renuka Eye Institute, 25/3, Jessore Road(s), Rathtala, Dakbanglow More, Barasat, Kolkata-700 127

79] Ramkrishna Sarada Mission Ashram, Netralaya, Durgachak, Haldia – 721 602

02] Sarada Seva Sangha, 5no. Dinabandhu Mukherjee Lane, Shibpur, Howrah – 711 102

81] Indus Paramedical Training Institute, Podrah, Sankrail, Howrah – 711 109

फोटो खिचने का सही तारिका – Right way to click photo

मोबाइल से अच्छी फोटो क्लिक करने के जू डे फोटोग्राफी से जुरी मूल बातें जान ले।

फोटो क्लिक करने से पहले यह सुनिष्चित करे की कैमरा के सभी फीचर्स, जैसे – फिल्टर, पोर्ट्रेट मोड, एचडीआर मोड, लाइव मोड, ऑटो फोकस या फ्लैश आदि सही तरह से काम कर रहे ही नहीं

याद आप लगार फोटो क्लिक कर रहे हैं वह ऑटोफोकस मोड पर कर दे, लेकिन जितना संभव हो, मैन्युअल रूप से फोकस सेट करे।

ऐसी जगह पर फोकस खीचे, जहां ना जायदा रोशनी हो या ना जायदा अँधेरा।

अगर आपके साथ रोशनी की समस्या आराही वह तो चमक को खुद कंट्रोल करे।

फ्लैश फीचर भले ही ऊपरयोगी हो, लेकिन यह आपकी तस्वीर की गुडवत्ता को बरबाद कर सकता है।

फोटो खेचते समय आपका पोरा ध्यान विषय पर हो आस पास की चीजो पर नहीं

प्राकृतिक प्रकाश वाली जगह पर फोटो अच्छी आती है। आप मीटरियल रोशनी, लैंप और रिंग लाइट का भी इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं।

फोटो को बेहतर बनाने के झूठ थर्ड पार्टी ऐप का भी इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं।

Is 11th marksheet compulsory for Neet-UG re-registration? Here is the complete detail.

Many students are facing problems during filling the form. As many states and schools directly promote the students to class XII without giving marksheet. So, at the time of re- registration, students are in confusion . Here is the crystal clear solution of your query.


After filling 10th section, when you come at the section of class 11, you have to fill all the details there. But many students do not have class 11 marksheet. So if you don’t have marksheet Here is the solution

Simply leave the Result Mode as it is. After this two mandatory columns will not appear . But if you select it, then in that mandatory columns you have to fill your total marks and obtained marks.

Another confusing section is Roll No. section. As we all know that our boards provide Roll No. at the time of final examination in the Admit card. So either you have to fill your school Roll no. or leave it blank.


Important Points:

Filling up the Second Phase and Correction in First Phase of Online
Application Form for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) – 2021

  • the National Testing Agency is now
    opening the window for filling up the particulars of the Second Phase of Online Application
    Form for NEET (UG) – 2021.

  • All candidates who have successfully registered and paid the Examination Fee Online shall fillup the Second set of information of the Application Form of NEET (UG) – 2021. The schedule for the filling up of the second phase will be as follows:
    Examination Phase/Fields Starting Date Last Date NEET (UG) – 2021 Second Set of fields cum correction for First Phase 01 October 2021
    2021 (Friday) 10 October 2021 (Sunday) upto 11:50 p.m.

  • The Interested candidates may edit the fields of the First Phase i.e. Gender, Nationality, e-mail
    address, Category, Sub-category, and Educational details for Class XI and XII during this
    period. The Candidates may please note that they do not have to pay any additional Fee for filling in
    the Second set of information.

  • In the absence of filling up of the information of the Second Phase, his/her candidature will
    be cancelled. It is reiterated that this facility is only accessible for the Candidates who have already registered and paid the Examination Fee online. In case any candidate faces difficulty in filling up the Second set of information of the Online Application Form of NEET (UG) – 201, he/she can contact on 011-40759000 or e-mail at The candidates are advised to keep visiting the NTA website(s) and for the latest updates.
  • Note: No documents need to be uploaded in filling up the Second Phase of Online Application
    Form for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG)-2021.

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