Kolkata Youngster Voice, A non profitable organization praiseworthy work in Zakaria Street and nearby places, Kolkata.

Today two third of India is facing poverty that is 68% of the country is living on less than 2$ daily. Even 30% of the country population have less than 1.25 $ per day available. In this tough conditions of the country, there are many organizations and individual personality that are helping as per their ability without any selfishness.

In the central Kolkata, Zakaria Street, ‘Kolkata Youngster Voice’ is a non profitable and non governmental organization working for the betterment and reconstruction of the society irrespective of the caste, greed and religion. This organization was started with just 7 students in the year 2016 and have now over 200+members in 2021. It is working for the poor people for the last few years. The Kolkata Youngster Voice is a helping hand.

In 2020 during lockdown in the the country, they helped the needy people by distributing ration . On the occasion of Eid 2021 The Kolkata Youngster Voice organised a program to distribute food and water to the poor and needy people. They started their program from Zakaria Street,Kolkata and also went nearby places to help. The member of the organization said that they try to help others as much as they can. The Kolkata Youngster Voice helps the needy and poor on every occasion . On 22th September 2021, the members of Kolkata Youngster Voice held the free distribution camp of water and pen on the road. Their teamwork is excellent and praiseworthy.

For all the readers, there is a message that if you know such type of organisation around you, you should participate in it either by donating money to the organisation or by helping how you can.

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