How to grow YouTube channel from scratch?

Why create a YouTube channel?

These day’s YouTube one of most popular social media platforms on the world and people also be spent his time on YouTube here you can access all kinds of content like Education, Entertainment, Sports and so on nowadays technology related videos in trending on YouTube cause it is a easy way to create a video about on technology.

So it’s the right opportunity to catch early after couples of months when you get 1000 subscriber and complete 4000 watch hours on your YouTube channel then you eran good ammount of money from your channel then you easily convert on as a full time and earn upto 1lakh per month

Is it free?

People also think that I have no money how to create a YouTube channel and haven’t expensive equipment to record video or audio these think the way of take excuses build barrier didn’t take action on starting journey as a Youtuber it is free to use uploading your video and make money without any investment.

Deciding Niche

When you think that you start a YouTube channel this is the first question give answer to yourself so decide what’s your niche choose niche according to your passion cause you also be explained very well any of topic related to your passion niche.

Don’t focus on quantity of content focus on quality

Lot’s of newbies starting his YouTube channel and he upload daily basis of video without any write script and excercise for shooting and set up prepration of script that they make loose quality of content and provide only quantity but here you to understand you upload 2 video per weak but provide quality content.

Optimising your channel with graphic and keyword

Here this topic miss lot’s of newbies or big youtuber miss this most important part of optimising your channel with graphic and keyword when you edit your video add lower third use keyword and add keywords on your YouTube thumbnail.

Identify your competitors

When you enter in new industry you must be to know who are you competitors and analyze your competitors without knowing your competitors enter new era there are lots of low chances of your growth so you must have to know who are your competitors.

Getting gadgets for quality

Have your pocket money be able to take any of gadgets to help you to make quality content of your YouTube channel then you buy a tripod mount your camera on tripod your video record be smooth buy a mic use to create your voice clear cause when your audience don’t listen you clearly what he expects from you give in the video.

How to make Intro or Outro?

Add intro and outro in your video be seems so professional but you have no software to create but here i tell using Canva to create intro and outro professionally.

How to use royalty free video, images, music?

You must have using video, images, music in your video these meterial give more attention to your viewers feel in your video viewer’s give more time spent on your channel.

Importance of first 10 second of your video

When record your video or edit give a little demo what about your video in first 10 second of your video to understand audience actually what you talk about in videos.

Using Adobe Premiere for quality video

Video quality give your audience be presentable and you care about your viewer’s provide HD quality content must you have pay monthly subscription for Adobe Premiere and learn use this to creating quality content video.

Optimising video and thumbnail with tags fro better YouTube SEO

Use tags when you create thumbnail of your video and add hastag in your description box related to your topic and find keyword on YouTube search bar when you click on tag button then he shows related trending keywords you picked keywords and put on your description and tag section.

YouTube Shorts

Use YouTube shorts for better reach and gain more views and subscriber and one of best way to create Shorts don’t need any expensive equipment for making shorts.

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