How to make money using YouTube Shorts – Best way of make money online

Before couple of months YouTube has launched his Big Update “Shorts” in this update YouTube funded 2B dollar for the content creator of YouTube Shorts. It’s the best chances to easy you to makeing short clip max 30 sec video and upload on YouTube

Before YouTube has didn’t launched his YouTube Shorts. Creators have much more struggle to create content on his channel after search don’t copyright music/background, any clip and images. Any creator use theses meterial in his video meterial owner claimed for YouTube that this one creator use my meterial.

When any of claimed be able on your channel YouTube didn’t allow to use Google Adsense to generate revenue from your channel but most of the creator didn’t be able to make money from his YouTube channel cause he lost his patients to gain 1000 subscriber and complete 4000 watch hours in his channel.

Make money without complete 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours on your channel

Here i tell you one of the smartest way to make money on your channel. create a account on Amazon affiliate association and search a product in trending and you have to conform that you easily make video about this specific product in a brief way.

Then you you create a content video about a specific product tell about his features, benifits and all information in your video use must you tell the audience if you are setisfied for buy this product go to the description and click the link you easily purchase use graphic lower arrow simbol in your video to show this “product link the description”

How to create video for products?

Very problematic issue creators also be leave this opportunity why because he didn’t have video editing software for creating videos cause people not be able to pay monthly expensive subscription for professionals software like Premiere ProCC, Filmora X and so on.

I will give you some of the free tools to easily you to create eye-catchy video of your products. You can use Canva or Vinemo that’s very amazing tool to create video any you use these video on your YouTube without any worry. This website give you athority to use his video anywhere.

You describe in the description box in a brief way there you provide your product link give a “Call to action” someone click on the given link enter Amazon websites when someone purchase any product throw your referrals link Amazon give you comission by percentage whatever give at the specific product.

After you completing 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours on your channel must you have no copyright any of video’s on your channel then you able to take Google Ads on your video’s. Sent approval of YouTube for monetized your channel after YouTube accept your monetize request then you make money for Google Ads and generate good revenue throw your channel.

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