How to start making podcasts?

Which thing you will see is better for interested in listen, Then podcasts is a best way for you. In India this passion or work more people. This only not for your improvisation your knowledge other than you can listen your favorite stories. You can also start making own podcast. Let’s us know how much benefit this podcast for children’s.

Benifits of podcasting

  • This is the best way for children learn from his favorite subjects like Science, History and much more
  • Podcast listening also improve children’s vocabulary and his listening skill.
  • Children lapin on the screen all time. You can easily decrease his screen time throw podcast.
  • All most podcast free and you can download for free. Only you have ability to access

When your mood to listen stories or gain knowledge and whatever you listen and know about particular subjects. This habits boom in the market. Podcast share throw internet that type voice you can listen. When we see all over the internet having 1000 category related podcast.

Some of podcast make for children’s. Without any worry he can use these medium.

Pocket Casts


According the android user’s pocket cast is the favorite podcast player. Which things is the best. Here every category podcast available category wise. You can easily choose according what you like. In this podcast player have included these features audio effects, download schedule, on-the-fly episode streaming support, automatic sink Android-iOS-web app .

With up coming episode be notified by application. You can download this app on Play store for free.

Podcast addict

Podcast addict

Using podcast benefits for podcast user’s this is the best platform. In the application these things make different. By the application podcast, radio, audio book, live streaming, YouTube, sound cloud channel. You can easily manage these features.

On this platform 10 million podcast plus has already covered. You can search any of podcast by his name on search bar. Here NPR, BBC, Ted Talk these type of network you can search.

His features be included in-built audio effects, like playback speed, volume boost, skip license, momo playback etc. This support multi playlist, In the application advance playback features like shuffle mode, loop mode and sleep timer. This application usable for android and iOS.

Apple podcast

Apple podcast

When you have iOS based device. Then you listening podcast download the Apple podcast. Here all type of related category 7.5 lakh show with 2 million episode can access stream. You can choose which type category like. You can subscribe any of how for free. When next episode uploaded related to your subscribe show. Then you will notified by the application. This is available on app store.

Google podcasts

Google podcasts

Using Android users for this most likeable podcast player. Here you can discover according to your choice. Which podcast be your favorite. You can download and you can listen offline. In this application you can sink different devices. You can subscribe podcasts for free of cost. Listen on your phone, laptop and smart speaker. This app available on Play store.

Make you own podcast

You have no requirement lot’s of equipment. You can use free software like audacity. By using this software create podcast. In this software available all of theses tool that need to make and edit podcast. This is open source software. Which can be supported on Mac, Windows and Linux.

You can plug your microphone start your recording. Another in the software have editing tool, Mix Audio tracks and monitor recording. you can download this software on his official website.

Adobe audition

By using Adobe audition software record audio file with mix and edit your podcast. You can choose this software. When you work as a professional. This software track your script and give professional touch. Here multi track recording. This software available for monthly subscription.

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