Is your child’s vission at risk? May be your child is suffering from an ocular disorder, you are not able to recognise.

Among major sense organs this fact is known to all that eye plays a key role in the process of observation of the physical environment according to which the whole human body reacts. Whearas any type of impairment in in eye can alter whole body physique.

Especially when it comes to a pediatric health specifically their vission a good parental care and observation of the child should come into play.

Straight to the point ,

What made me to write this article is an incident that i was encountered with while giving tution; lately a student of mine started complaining about the room lighting. He told me that because of the poor lighting of the house he is unable to read the lessons well , the next day i saw him strangely closing his right eye more than his left one . To my further enquiry he told me that what he can see from his left eye is way more better than vission from his right eye. At first I took his statement as a child’s inner naughtiness not willing to study but later I was a little bit concerned .So after taking permission from his mother I took him to a local optometrist, bearing good experience.

After the examination the optometrist appreciated me for taking his problem seriously .

By showing the precription, optometrist explained me that a non-negligible difference in refractive error is present in case of the two eyes. “Right eye has more refractive error ” he added.

He termed the condition as starting stage of “Amblyopia” which in general words he referred to as “Lazy eye“. lazy eye ? yes! “lazy eye” at first I also found it strange but it made sense as my student was unable to see more clearly with his right eye than he can with his left eye. Which indicates that his right eye has become lazy or in other words is not working as poperly as the left one . Now a question that arises here is how? and why? his right eye stopped working poperly in comparision with his left one. By heading forward you may get your answer :-

Details about “Ambylopia”(lazy eye)

Till now you have got an idea that amblyopia is a disorder that caused vission impairment in right eye of the child from above story .So, can this disease cause vission problems in only right eye? For the answer let me take you through the definition of this disorder which is :-

Amblyopia is a type of vission impairment that affects only one eye. It is caused due to the breakdown in the co-ordination and signaling between the brain and any one eye which later brain finds hard to make up and over time brain relies more on the other eye which is more in co-ordination.

As a result this weak eye gets weaker gradually with time and becomes ambylopic(lazy eye) this can even get worse if not recognised earlier and treated the normal eyesight cannot be retracked.

This was the reason the above child has got more refractive error in one eye than other. Ok got the basic idea , but why this happens? what are the resonsible


Amblyopia may be congenital/by birth or acquired whereas main common causes are as follows:-

  • Premature birth:- Child born early holds more tendencies to attain ambylopia.
  • Family history:- Child having an amblyopic family member grabs more chances of being affected.
  • Congenital cataract:- Child having opacity of lens of eye at the time of birth in any one of eye leads to ambylopia. i.e brains starts relying on the eye having no cataract (opacity of lens).Lens should be repalced as soon as posssible after cataract is screened.
  • Refractive errors:- Myopia(near sightedness) or hypermetropia (far sightedness) in one eye, not corrected for long time makes the brain to rely more on the other eye which makes the myopic/hypermetropic eye ambylopic and the refractive error in that eye gradually increase. Same case goes with a patient having astigmation in any one of his eye.
  • Mis-alignment of eye :- In normal case brain tries to move both the eye in same direction to focus on an object but a patient (child in this case) having “Strabismus” is unable to do so. As in strabismus mainly due to the malfunctioning in any of the extraocular muscle(muscles that are responsible for the movement of eye) of one eye there occurs a misalignment of that eye in compared to the other eye and here also the brain starts relying on the eye which is aligned, making the misalligned eye weaker and eventually amblyopic.
  • Physical injury :- Any injury in eye during playing games, having hit by some object on eye, falling accidentally and being hit on an eye any of these cases if not taken seriously and properly treated as soon as possible then the injured eye may get comparatively low on  vision than the other and hence may turn to be  amblyopic.

Here’s how parent can recognise amblyopia in thier child if present.

Symptoms: In most of the cases the following behavioral changes in day to day activity of a child attaining amblyopia can be seen:-

  • Tilting his head left or right while reading something from a varrying distance or watching televison. Children of age 3 and above may expreses abnormalities in any of their one eye by simply tilting their head to either side.
  • Having an opinion that they can see better from one eye than the other one .Like what happened to my student lies under this condition in which his left eye vission was much more better than his right eye.
  • Having problem in reading or writing in a little dim light on in shadow.
  • Children less than age 1 or 2 may get irritated when their eye is closed individually.

Parent should immediately run to a medical professional (optometrist, opthalmologist will do the job)after screening of any above given conditions.

Parent may see the above signs and can get an idea that their child may be attaining amblyopia

For any further queries regarding Amblyopia you can mention your comments in the comment section.

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