Shahruk Khan’s son Aryan Khan will be in custody for two days ? More about Munmun Dhamecha.

After a long silence of almost a year and a month of the random arrests of bollywood celebs in 2020 after Rhea Chakraborty’s revealation about drugs cycle in bolllywood, NCB pulled Aryan Khan Shahruk Khan’s son in Mumbai Court and asked custody of two days .

On a random raid on a cruise party on Mumbai coast by NCB.

  • A good variety of drug has been seized such as coccaine , MDMA and Hashish .
  • On account of this illigalities 10 were arrested from that party .
  • Among them three big celebrity face came in spotlight namely Aryan Khan , Munmun Dhamecha and Arbaz Merchant.

Who is Munmun Dhamecha?

Munmun is in more spotlight as every one is questioning the relationship between King Khan’s son and this model born in Mumbai . Many celebrities including Gururandhawa ,Arjun Kapoor, Sukhe , Varun Dhawan may be seen in her instagram profile @munmundhamecha. But not Aryan.

NCB claims that however Aryan was not on drugs but

from his chat history many drug peddler’s link were found. So NCB pleaded the court to grant his custody till 5 Oct and as their is a higher possibility of a big drug circulating gang to be exposed.

Aryan’s lawyer Sathish Manishsinde asked the court

to give Aryan’s custody to Mumbai police instead of NCB as he was found clean handed devoid of any drugs.

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