How you can start online earning from scratch – News Korner

Now a days every college students and unemployed want to start freelancing. And make money from it. Freelancing not required to work 7 to 5 at office. Doesn’t need a rental area for working as a freelancer. This industry is also called this “work from home”. We talk how to start freelancing.

Who can start freelancing?

Are you a college student and unemployed male or female start freelancing. In the beginning freelancer required as full time job. And have lot’s of patience and consistency then you can start freelancing without taking any excused.

Which things require to start as a freelancer journey.

First you need to understand english language and speak fluently. English a international business language. You have desktop or laptop for working. You have management skill to manage client orders. Communication skill very important for working as a freelancer. Cause you also convince clients by communicating. You need to learn a specific digital skill. Like graphic designing, web development and mobile app development.

How to learn a skill?

Start freelancing one of the most and without applied this thing you loose. Your freelancer career. First you need to learn a skill according to your passion. Work on skill with doing any of project for yourself. You can easily purchase paid online courses on Udemy, coursera etc. Whenever these websites offers get less prize.

Which websites best for start freelancing

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Workchest
  • People per hour
  • Freelancer
  • LinkedIn

Using these websites working as a freelancer. To get order easily and start your journey. Use your portfolio when you bid on projects. Write eye cathy proposal to attract clients to buy your services. And also back when he need service related to your skill.

Use social media for get orders

You will use social media as a freelancing platform. You simply post testimonials of your services. And connected people related to your service. Send your proposal and portfolio. You will like and comment those post. Which posts related to your service.

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