There are also shortcuts to type.

In android and iOS smartphones there are many tools. These are tools you can use for increase your typeing be fast. Which expression you must use, text and phones numbers. You can make short cut of all these must uses features. You take a responsible step.

If you can use iOS then go to your settings. Then click on general keybord and text replacement click on this option. You can see already preloaded OMW. You can type on your search in phone OMW. He expend from on my way.

You click on the right side (+) icon and then create a short cut according to your choice.

This short cut help you find phones numbers, email address and local information access for type in your search bar.

If you are using android smartphone in placing be different according keybord . Commonly this feature available in menu setting. Here you click on the languages and input. In the right upper side (+) tap on the plus icon. And in the first field type text, which features and app you make shortcut. In this field type your needs.

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