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How do you get your first sale on freelancing websites?

As a beginner freelancer we struggle too much to take our first project on any of freelancing websites .We start our journey as freelancer there is first baby step to take our first sale to we have a satisfaction that we take a first step on freelancing era and we have to go earn good amount of money in our freelancing journey.

Best freelancing websites to take your first sale

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru.com
  • Workchest
  • LinkedIn (Coming soon)

Traditional freelancing websites

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Guru.com

These websites are traditionally design . Here clients post there requirements and budget, we as a freelancer bid (Send proposal and portfolio) on these projects.

Modern freelancing websites


This website is modern design here seller create his GIG (Showcase his work in video/image with described his service and officer in description box) and buyer come to the website search what’s he need on search bar and Fiverr algorithms shows popular GIG’s on the top who achieve buyers reviews and more orders on his profile

How to use traditional freelancing websites to get your first sale

As a beginner freelancer when we go to the traditional freelancing marketplace. Here there is much more competition and have low chances to get order easily we have to struggle for couples of months after having experience that how it’s website work but without complete any of project related to your skill in the past you do not expect that you get order because client will be satisfied when they see your past work and your relationship with past clients.

How to get order easily using modern freelancing website

As a beginner freelancer we also work on Fiverr because this is the best website for beginners freelancer. Fiverr interface and options are easy to use features to get order quickly.

How it’s work

Fiverr algorithms also be work relevant tags and titles no matter what you are a beginner or not because lot of newbies create their account on fiverr and create their GIG after searching there tag or title. Their algorithms shows their gig on the first page and client can also be satisfied and buy their services who rank on first page.

How to use Fiverr as a begginer to get order easily

Create a account on fiverr using your email pick any username according to yourself when you have a company name then you take your company name on username. First of all create your gig simple using Photoshop and write about your work on thumbnail’s using graphic or photo and put on your gig this thumbnail’s and describe yourself and your work on the description box . Put affordable price prize according the market price of your service.

After searching low competition titles related to your service and find relevant tags use in your description and put up to 5 tags on your tag section ask frequently questions to your buyers.

Fiverr promote those gigs who use video in theirs gigs .So you must create or edit a less than 1 minutes video. Give information about your services and offer but you have to create your video for yourself do not copy paste other video in your gig. Fiverr analyze your video that he didn’t copyright when he approved that he shows this video on your gig.

How to make video for free?

Viemo is a free tool for making amazing video in a few minutes about your services and offer. It is simple to use it’s interface and features. You don’t need video editing experience for using this amazing tool only visit this website and start making video.