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Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook down for few hours! How to fix glitches in whatsapp,instagram and facebook?

Now-a-days every single person is on different social media platforms most popularly on Whatsapp,Instagram and Facebook. While some are there to be connected socially with their family members and society, majority group of people are now dependent on these platforms for their general meeting , educational classes info, as they are in an organisation or in corporate company who arrange individual groups on these social media platforms and propagate/arrange their schedules of coming activities by sending ppt,pdf to their memebers.

Most effectively post Covid-19,

Every organisation has evolved themselves into work for home mode in case of corporate company and study from home in case of school and institution .

However any glitch or error in these platform’s services may interrupt and delay the activities of the above said organisations.

So, how to fix these errors if there happens any

  • Most of time non-updatation of such apps may lead to low performance as there will be several service changes which will be missing in the older version which makes the user forfieted to avail.
  • But foremostly you may check the network of your particular network provider by simply innitiating a network survey with the help service number provided by the network provider.
  • Check your storage at certain consequetive time period and clean up your device including all the junk files, unneccessory folders domucents which are os no use in future etc as insufficient storage may stop some of your social media activities in these apps.

In case you encounter such a case where all these apps get problem at the same time then:

  • there may be some maintainence going on.
  • There may be a case that server of these apps gets down as every single second new participants are being added in user lists of these social apps .
  • Some events may lead to sharing of an activity by majority people which makes the server go down .

In the above said cases you should wait if all of these platforms gets down at the same time or you may talk to your friends and ask if they are having the same issue or not.

Everytime the server gets down the many news channel declaires such glitches you may stay tune with them. You can keep an eye on Twitter as their server is much more adaptive for high audiance making less chances for a server breakdown.